That Obligatory Intro Post …

…You know, where I try to convince you that I’m different than all the other thousands of travel-centric blogs that pop up everyday.
Why should you follow me? I can’t honestly answer that. This is a blank page, I’m not sure what it will become or what journey any readers will end up following me on here. Some of you will be here because you know me. Maybe we went to school together, maybe you’re related to me, maybe you connected with me on my other blog. Maybe you just found me today and thought, “well, this falls within my interests.” Either way, I’m glad you’re here.
I grew up in a rural Pennsylvania town. I’ve barely been anywhere yet. But I’m starting. In 2012 I went abroad for the very first time. I did a study abroad at Oxford University and to indulge in cliche for a moment, it was life-changing. Also possibly life-wrecking. I realized that in spite of the expectations from my family and the course my life had thus far been steered on, I could forge something in a new direction. I was a capable adult who could fly myself across an ocean and arrive in a bustling city all on my own. I went somewhere completely new, where I knew no one and I did rather well.
I wasn’t arrested, deported, pick-pocketed, or terribly lost at any point. I made intense connections with strangers from around the world. There’s no rush like it. I’ve always been voracious for knowledge. I love history, literature, culture. Being in a foreign country, every day I’m learning something new from the setting alone.
Perhaps it points to an addictive nature, but I want more of it. I want to see the world. I want to learn about people and places and new things. I’m graduating with my English degree in May and I’m hoping to set off from there. What better opportunity will I have? I am young, moderately fit, and completely unattached. I described it to a friend this way: I can spend the duration of my twenties in transit, sleeping on other people’s couches. When I get to thirty, I can reevaluate my life and see if it’s time to buy my own couch at last.
So this will be a catalogue of my travels. I’ll post some of my favorite Oxford photos in the interest of bringing everything up to date. In March I’ll be spending week in Italy which I’ll record here. If all goes well, I’ll be spending the month of July in South Korea. From there I’m not sure.
I’ll update whenever I have something to say or somewhere to be. When I’m in transit it may be sporradic but, when I’m abroad I’ll try to update weekly.
Other useful details about me might be: I recently wrote a novel which I would like to get placed in good hands as soon as possible. I’ll be writing and hopefully selling some travel articles as I go– I’ll link to publications where I’ll be appearing in due course. I studied theatre and music through my youth and love connecting music to everything. Expect travel playlists to appear.


  1. Ahhh, how I remember that young, innocent girl who was fearful of what lay ahead of her on that fateful trip to England. Where did she go, I wonder. Where? Oh, there she is. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly she has transformed herself into a fearless wandering warrior princess. Bitten by the traveling bug, she has no choice now but to follow her passion. Where will her wanderlust take her next? I look forward to living through her travels vicariously…for now.

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