A Dose of K-Pop, part I

In the same line as my recent developing Kdrama habit, I’ve been doing the K-Pop things too. Since returning to the States, I’ve had to give many Americans a lesson in K-Pop. If all you know is Psy, you are missing out. Here are a couple of my favorite K-Pop songs.

“Te Amo” by U-Kiss:  super catchy dance song with smatterings of not just English, but also Spanish throughout.

“Catch Me” by TVXQ (also sometimes romanized as DBSK): a really stylish song with some electronic bits that remind me of Daft Punk. Also check out “Keep Your Head Down” by the group.

“Like This” by The Wonder Girls: A really cute playful song. Bonus points if you learn their little dance that goes with it.

“Bar Bar Bar” by Crayon Pop: you will either love or hate this song. Possibly both because it is really insidious and will get stuck in your head. But it’s so happy…

“Smoky Girl” by MBLAQ: still not sure what a “smoky girl” is… but it’s a catchy song. It feels pretty slick and fresh. The video has some cool visuals, and the group swans around in nice suits and such.

“Eat You Up” by BoA: BoA is probably my favorite female K-Pop artist. I love her voice and she rejects a lot of the girly cuteness most of the female singers present.

“Sherlock (Clue+Note)” by SHINee: SHINee is probably my favorite Korean guy group. They have a smooth sound and, I mean, they made a Sherlock Holmes inspired album… if this video doesn’t make you into a fan, I just don’t even know. (Warning: Taemin has really bad hair throughout this video.)

So enjoy the music, there’ll be more to come. Love these songs? Hate them? What are your favorite K-Pop songs?

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