one bad apple, or sometimes a bunch

Sometimes it’s easy to get a little relaxed in Seoul. Even though it’s a huge city, it’s crime rate is quite low. People leave their laptops unattended in the coffee shop while they go to the bathroom. You don’t have to be as vigilant about things like that as you would have to be in cities like London, Rome, and Paris. But as a woman living and traveling alone, no matter how safe the city you have to be on guard.

Recently, a foreign woman was gang raped in Seoul. She went out with a friend, not on her own, but this group of men locked her friend in the bathroom apparently. Even in a place where your laptop is safe, your body might not be. Especially if you are a woman.

Every foreigner in Korea has had strangers talk to them. People are curious about you or want to practice their English. Some people approach you in ways that are awkward, uncomfortable. Especially when it’s a man approaching a woman on her own.

I have had an uncomfortable experience with an adjhussi in the subway who showed too much interest to my friend and me- even to the point of grabbing my friend’s arm.

I guess the point of this post is to be honest and open about the experience of life abroad. Even in a somewhat safe city, there are always bad people to watch out for. Especially a woman alone, who looks different from everyone else around has to keep an eye on the people around her.

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