Roman Baths, Bath, England


I guess we can call this my Throwback Thursday.  A throwback to my 2012 study abroad at Oxford. This photo is from a little day trip to Bath. I like to call this the trip that started it all. It was my first time abroad. Now I am contemplating a trip back to Europe and ruminating on how I might get back to England.

The Roman Baths were extremely well preserved. Roman settlers believed the water in this region was medicinal and built their bathhouse on the site. Even though the Romans withdrew later, the belief that the water was special remained. Through the 1800s, people would come “take the waters” to improve their health. Jane Austen used the location in her stories and even lived there herself. The Jane Austen House is another important stop I made on my visit to Bath.

The waters,which you could sample at the end of your tour of the Roman Baths, or in the pump room, tasted like one was licking a warm, rusty pipe. I don’t recall feeling healthier afterwards.


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