random moments living in Korea

None of these things are necessarily big enough events to deserve their own posts. But they are little moments and memories I have from over the past two years. They represent the life I’ve had here. Chaotic and comical, sometimes a bit weird.

*Teaching my students that “panties” is not an appropriate thing to call male underwear. This word has become Konglish and is used to describe anyone’s underwear of any sort. I quizzed them on it later.

*Going down to the subway with my flatmate one afternoon in my new summer dress. An old man coming up paused at the sight of us and said, “Wow! Beautiful.”

*One night my flatmate decided to put her name in an anagram generator and it turned into one of the biggest laughs we ever had. And now we both have secret codenames.

*The night we all very seriously sang Disney songs at noraebang (a private karaoke room).

*Transporting a crying cat to Incheon via a train and two buses. Then giving up and just walking the last couple km because Incheon buses suck.

*Having my flatmate drag me to an amusement park and a kpop concert and forcing me to enjoy myself at both.

*That time at a dinner party when everyone asked me to demonstrate my aegyo and seemed impressed by my skills

*My first year of teaching when a student froze up during our parents’ day performance and I just had to take his hand and move him across the stage, saying his lines for him.

*The time a kindergartner decided to bite my butt.

*At a different dinner party when I accidentally bit down on a chili pepper that was accidentally left in the stew after it was done steeping. I played it cool and excused myself to the bathroom where I chugged yogurt and washed my lips which had already gone numb.

*A lesson on rock musicians with my high schoolers really just becoming a lesson on why drugs are bad. But having my students genuinely enjoy the Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones music I played.

*The constant food stealing battle at my first school between the teachers and the development staff.

*My first boss going “on vacation” and never coming back

*Getting scolded by another foreigner for eating western food. Then catching them eating pizza with their Korean significant other.

*Having the tiniest child in a class who cried all the time suddenly start loving me and hanging all over me right before the end of term.

*Teaching my middle school students how to give a proper fist bump.

*Teaching my advanced literature class the word “bromance” and watching them apply it to The Great Gatsby

*Having a student ask me quite seriously, “Teacher, what is a gay bar?”

*The time my shoes didn’t quite survive my trip to Busan when an unexpected wet snow came it. My Taiwanese friend gave me hot packs to put on my numb, wet feet.

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