Fall in the USA: Bowman’s Wildflower Preserve, PA

Bucks County Pennsylvania is an odd place. It’s got cute boutique towns, sprawling fields, mountains, hill people, wealthy bourgeoisie; in short, nearly everything. It’s also not far from where I’m currently staying. So when Groupon sent me an email saying that there was a discounted admission to a wildflower preserve in Bucks County, of course I was ready for a day trip.

Perhaps autumn isn’t the best time to visit a wildflower preserve, I admit upon reflection. But it was still really beautiful. The grounds have a variety of trails that highlight different plant varieties and even specific areas for birds to nest. The trails vary in their intensity, most being a pleasant walk. The most vigorous would probably be the fern trail which dips along the creek and is quite rocky and variable.

Here are some things that are good to know before you plan your visit: no dogs are allowed in the preserve to protect the plants. All of the plants in the preserve are native species which are protected to help preserve the local biome. You can also purchase seeds or plants to grow in your own back yard. The preserve also has facilities on site and hosts a variety of events such as weddings.

Autumn is my favorite season here in the north-east USA, so I hope to hit a few more spots before the snow takes over.

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